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All Types of Keys and Locks

We supply and service keys and locks from all the leading lock manufacturers, such as Chubb, Yale, Union, Ingersoll, Abus and our own produced Gallalock

own produced locks and keys

Locksmiths in Muswell Hill

If you need locksmiths in Muswell Hill, you have found just the place.

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Professional watch service and repair

Our Watch Repair service includes: battery replacement, glass and strap repair, fitting new parts and strap adjustment, with each job we do getting a one year guarantee.

Watch Repairs & Services

Professional watch maintenance, service and repair at Gallalock, Muswell Hill, London N10

Gallalock’ shop also specialise in watch repair, with an expert on hand with all the professional equipment necessary to guarantee your watch is restored to a working condition again. The types of jobs we do include battery replacement, glass and strap repair, fitting new parts and strap adjustment.

With the experience our watch repairers have between them, it means we are willing to accept any type of watch and do our utmost to repair it. We have successfully repaired and serviced top brands such as Rolex, Seiko, Tag Heuer, Swatch and Omega and with each job we do getting a one year guarantee, we have become a popular watch repair choice for the whole of the UK.

Repair is not the only choice you have, with our pressure testing equipment and cleaning set it means you can also service your favourite watches to increase its longevity. This watch maintenance includes pressure testing that restores the waterproofing that is lost each time the watch’s battery is changed. Failure to do this can sometimes result in the watch being damaged from only the slightest contact with water. Our cleaning service is an ideal solution to restoring rusted vintage watches or even to increase the visibility of the watch face.

n10 we repair watchesThe most common reason for a watch to stop working is because the battery has run out of power. Our large range of quality swiss-made batteries means we can find the correct size that will fit your watch.

The different types of watch straps we have mean you can get yours replaced if it breaks or even if you just fancy a new colour or style. Ranging from leather to metal straps and in a whole range of colours, we are sure to have a strap that is suited for you.

Every watch repair takes place at our London shop and each job has a very quick turnaround time. If you do not have time to drop off or collect your watch, we offer an insured postage service where we will send you your watch after it is completed.

battery watch changes in north london

Gallalock offer all types of watch maintenance including servicing, straps, batteries and glass repair. We supply & fit, Watch Movements, Faces, Dials, Hands, Glasses, Crowns Winders, and Screws, stem extensions and Bracelet Link Adjustment.

Watch Battery replacement for all make and models while you wait in our friendly workshop, including pressurisation for specialist water resistant watch brands.

Free estimates can be given for all watch repairs, servicing, overhauls, part jobs and watch battery replacement.

Full Service

With over 30 year’s experience, we offer a personal, qualified, experienced, insured and secure service. We are trained to repair all major brands of quality Swiss movement watches including,

  • Rolex
  • Gucci
  • Tag Heuer
  • Omega
  • Rotary
  • Raymond Weil.

All of our work is carries out with the highest quality by experienced professionals and guaranteed for 1 year. Please see in-store at 299 Muswell Hill Broadway, London, N10 for our wide range of leather, metal, and plastic straps. To fit all makes and brands.

Watch Care

Like any quality mechanism, your watch will benefit from regular servicing and maintenance by a reputable qualified specialist, ensuring its continued reliable performance.Gallalock has a team of watch repairers who are ready to help you service your watch and keep your watch in top condition. Gallalock have a purpose-built workshop and a watchmaker who visits on-site with the latest diagnostic and testing equipment and has been trained with some of the world’s most prestigious watch houses and offer the highest standard of service. A regular service should be carried out on mechanical and automatic watches. The Swiss Watch Industry [FHS] recommends that a movement should be stripped and cleaned every three years. Quartz analogue watches have moving parts that need maintenance. Some watches feature a power indicator. When the second hand starts to jump every five seconds, it's time to change the battery. As well as carrying out maintenance on your watch, Gallalock also has a repair service for an extensive range of watch brands.

Contact us 020 8444 7300, 299 Muswell Hill Broadway N10 1BY.

  • Mechanical overhauls and refurbishments
  • Quartz servicing and module replacements
  • Replacement glasses and crowns
  • Ultrasonic case cleaning

Watch Battery Fitting

At Gallalock we are ready to replace your batteries for you while you wait.  If the watch need re-sealing and water resistance pressure testing then you can come back instead of waiting.

  • Watch battery fitting for all watches
  • Full inspection and contact cleaning
  • Gasket replacement

Watch Straps & Watch Bracelets

  • Waterproof sports watch straps
  • Stainless steel and gold plated bracelets
  • Bracelet repairs and alterations
  • Pop in with your watch to our Muswell Hill Broadway shop and we have a selection of watch straps that we can match up to your watch.

Full selection of leather watch straps available at Gallalock, Muswell hill London, N10

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