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All Types of Keys and Locks

We supply and service keys and locks from all the leading lock manufacturers, such as Chubb, Yale, Union, Ingersoll, Abus and our own produced Gallalock

own produced locks and keys

Locksmiths in Muswell Hill

If you need locksmiths in Muswell Hill, you have found just the place.

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Professional watch service and repair

Our Watch Repair service includes: battery replacement, glass and strap repair, fitting new parts and strap adjustment, with each job we do getting a one year guarantee.

Door Repairs

Door Breakage

How secure is your door? Ruthless thieves are getting the better of North London doors. Modern, quick-built residences often have poor-quality, thin doors which our Gallalock’ Locksmiths commonly have to deal with on lock-jobs. When an intruder fails to break a good quality lock from respectable brands such as Mul-t-lock, , Chubb, Legge, YaleUnionIngersollAbus, and Era; they will simply resort to violent attacks on the door itself – often ending in a mess. Some locks themselves are damaged too – leaving the home-owner with an expensive situation and emotional shock to deal with.

Usually, home burglary damage is usually covered by your building insurance; Gallalock Locksmiths will be willing to answer any questions you have regarding insurance and burglary repairs.

Gallalock Emergency Burglary Repairs

Fortunately, Gallalock Locksmiths run a 24 hour emergency-locksmith service to the North London and Muswell Hill areas. With a highly qualified team of professionals, our experienced locksmiths can tackle any door and lock problem you may encounter. Gallalock Emergency Door Repair Locksmith can repair damaged doors and damaged frames.

If your resident or commercial premises have been broken into, and you require emergency burglary repairs or an immediate repair then please don’t hesitate to contact us at Gallalock Locksmiths – our 24 hour emergency response team will respond to you directly and provide you with any security service you may require – in under 30 minutes!

Temporary door repairs may be implemented – such as boarding or blocking - before permanent door repairs are available. Our mobile emergency locksmiths will ensure that you are temporarily safe, whilst waiting for a new door – if required – to be purchased and fitted. In addition, Gallalock’ locksmiths will attend to any door frame repairs you need. Our locksmiths also provide emergency door opening if your door has been jammed or damaged during the break-in leaving you locked out. The response time is under 30 minutes for a locksmith to be with you and get you back in your home and repair the damaged door.

Once Gallalock have reached your home, we will assess the damage and offer a free estimate. Our competitive rates mean that all our emergency services are reasonably priced; we don’t overcharge for small jobs and there is no hidden call out charge or hourly rate. Our cost-efficient locksmiths won’t let you down!

Door Repairs from Gallalock 299 Muswell Hill Broadway, London N10 1BY

Gallalock may deem the situation necessary to implement any of the following repairs to your premises:

  • New door glass panes or replacement panes
  • New doors or replacement doors
  • New locks or replacement locks
  • Door bolts and Door chains
  • Letterbox cowls where the break-in might or might not have been initiated
  • Double glazing for weak windows
  • Security grilles and security gates
  • Hardware and security products for UPVC doors; such as UPVC locks, handles, and more
  • Updated modern security solutions, such as the Yale No.1 Nightlatch, or an award winning British Standard mortice deadlock
  • Access Control for your home; this may include CCTV, Digital door locks, Audio Door Repairs systems, Video Door Repairs systems, intruder alarms or personal alarms
  • Home safes for valuable possessions
  • London bars and Birmingham bars for added door and lock security

Gallalock Locksmiths will provide a free security survey upon observing the damage to your door or home, and consequently recommend you any of the above security solutions. Our Locksmiths can supply and fit any door products such as door furniture or accessories such as door bolts and chains which is often the cheapest and most effect solution.

With a new door, our locksmiths from Muswell Hill North London’s Gallalock, will supply and fit letter boxes and even door numbers from our Ironmongery section. We can also offer engravings such as personalised door plaques, or perhaps an engraved ‘Beware of the Dog’ sign to prevent the initial attack!

For more information regarding door repairs or door replacements from Gallalock Locksmiths N10, contact our Locksmiths on 0208 444 7300, or contact an emergency locksmith directly on 07976 268 581.

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